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Luxury Lang Homes

Welcome to Lang Homes

Get to know this powerhouse King County real estate group

Based in Bellevue, Washington, Lang Homes has been building outstanding luxury homes for nearly a decade. Cherie Lang and her husband, Paul Danis, established the business as a natural continuance of Cherie’s family’s decades of experience in constructing homes in the Pacific Northwest since the late 1950s. 

Paul’s two-decade-long management of Emerald State Drywall, a commercial drywall finishing company, has given him the much-needed expertise to guide the choice of subcontractors working on each residence. This ensures every property brought to life by Lang Homes does justice to the company’s name and reputation as a premier builder of exceptional houses offering unbridled luxury to the families or individuals who will call them home. 

Making up the other half of Lang Homes’ knowledgeable duo, Cherie has nearly three decades of experience in the real estate industry. Her innate ability to identify upcoming design trends has helped her, and the Lang Homes design team create stunning interiors that make use of only the best and most sought-after trending or staple materials. Her extensive career as a real estate agent has offered her unique insight into what prospective homeowners want, including features like oversized garages, extra insulation on bedrooms and laundry rooms for soundproofing, and using only the most acclaimed brands of high-end appliances. 

Together, Cherie and Paul have made it their goal to craft meticulously detailed homes that inspire and emanate unrivaled luxury from every detail of their interiors and exteriors. As such, Lang Homes has become synonymous with fine craftsmanship and high-quality finishes sought after by discerning homeowners in Washington and beyond. The company that Cherie and Paul have built from decades of family tradition and experience offers its collaborators and customers unique features and assurances, including: 

  • Use of Level 5 drywall finishes: Although many builders choose to end with the classic Level 4, Level 5 adds a skim coat that represents a premium finish and the highest degree of quality possible in any drywall construction. Level 5 ensures the smoothest application of paint and makes indoor lighting look the very best. 
  • Building fewer homes: By limiting home construction projects to a set amount each year, Lang Homes ensures the complete resources of the company are devoted to high-quality finishes and matchless structural integrity. The homes don’t just look well-built; they are well-built. 
  • No corner-cutting: Cherie and Paul have staked their family name on building a company that puts flawless construction and design above all else. With this in mind, the people who choose to work with Lang Homes can rely on the promise that no corners will be cut and that every aspect of their new home will feature only the best construction possible.

What to Expect From Lang Homes

Combining Cherie’s decades of real estate experience and Paul’s expertise in construction, individuals and families who choose to work with Lang Homes can expect the following: 

  • Sturdy, structurally sound homes and living spaces that are built with materials that do justice to their lux appearance
  • Interiors are designed with only the most sought after materials and best quality appliances available
  • Unique exteriors hallmarked by clean lines, neutral color palettes, and premier finishes
  • Plush indoor lighting supplemented with large, well-located windows to let in natural lighting
  • Expertly designed outdoor spaces and landscaped gardens

Starting as a passion project, Lang Homes has developed into one of the best spec house construction companies in the state. Despite not building custom homes, Cherie and Paul have found their unique designs coupled with unbeatable quality and luxury finishes repeatedly draw buyers and prospective homeowners to choose their properties as their next investment or forever home.

Work With Cherie

Cherie’s natural way with people and an innate ability to determine what they were looking for in a home allowed her to quickly build a valued client base she maintains to this day.

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